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    Gasoline Engine online testing system

    Name:Brush cutter online testing system


    The system is designed by using the dynamometer, the loading controller, the flowmeter, the emission analyzer, and other supporting hardware, and realize the engine setting control through Labview program, the system also equip with electrical start instead of manual start, and the whole test is performed into the noise proofing box with noise less than 75db Test in the noise control box, the noise can be controlled below 75 decibels, for all kinds of non road engine power, oil. Data collection and data processing of consumption and emission test, direct sampling test. It has full function, good reliability and convenient operation.The characteristics of strong expansion and so on.

Gasoline Engine online testing system
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1. Using the dynamometer to make the load to be  adjustable and controllable 
2.Using high speed cylinder to realize electrical starting instead of manual pull up, as well as the automatic control to the throttle cable
3.sound proofing design for the testing box and the noise can be low down to less than 75dB to  meet the standard requirements, the equipment can be directly put on U shape assembly line to realize the lean manufacturing and improve the productivity. 
5. The test bench uses shock absorption design to ensure that maximum vibration does not affect the normal work of the engine 
6.The exhaust system is set up in the test box to ensure that the internal environment does not affect the normal operation of the engine. 
7.can be realized, real-time online display of the test parameters, automatically prompt the current test progress and status, and make judgement against the specification  (Andon system management) 
8.The test data can be automatically stored and managed, and it can be linked with the database to realize data security management, can perform the data analysis base on the requirements. 
9. It is a Chinese&English operation interface, which is being  divided into the interface of the engineering and the operator interface, and the permissions can be set according to the customer requirements. 
10.Engineer can create and save the test program base the different test requirements for different products, and operator just need to pick up the corresponding program base on the product information, and the system also equip with barcode scanning function to realize the error proofing of selecting wrong program for test as well as the better traceability management.

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