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    Linear Motor Test system

    Name:Linear Motor Test system


    CMT-LS-50A is a linear motor performance testing system specially designed for automobile seat linear motor. Servo motor is being used to provide the simulation load, the system can test the pull and push force of motor under load, no-load and locked condition, including the speed, Voltage, current and the travel distance of motor and so on, and system also can check the current ripple and the hall signal during the test. The testing software is being developed under LabVIEW environment, which have friendly testing interface and graphics analysis functions, It can calculate and display many parameters (push and pull force, speed, moving distance, voltage, current, etc.). The system separates the interface between engineer and operator for easy management and measurement. The testing data can be stored, displayed and easily converted into spreadsheet, and specific report formats ......

Linear Motor Test system
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• The system provide the measurement and analysis to the push/pull force, voltage, current, input power, speed, output power and efficiency of the and so on depend upon customer requirements

• Manual load and Auto load function, can measure the pull/push forces of no-load, load and locked at fixed distance, for example, if the motor moving distance is 50mm, the customer can set up the distance 0-10mm for the test without loading and 10-40mm for the test with loading(The load is settable), 40-50mm for the locked test.

• Can measure the motor current ripple and Hall signal during the test

• Download and save the data and curves in a certain format per the customer requirements

• Unload and load can be converted, test specifications are being set up through LABVIEW program to trigger the auto judgement for the test results, also the system equipped with visualized alarm system, the testing data can be saved in the database and shared via network.

• The system have overspeed, low speed, over voltage and over current protection, will automatically shut down the power supply and alert.
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