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    Blower –cooled Dynamometers

    Name:BHD series Dynamometer


    Hysteresis Brake Dynamometers (HD series) are versatile and ideal for testing in the low to middle power range (max. 7kW intermittent duty). Hysteresis Brakes do not require speed to create torque, and therefore can provide a full motor ramp from free-run to locked rotor. Brake cooling is provided by convection (no external source) or by air (compressed air or dedicated blower) depending on the model. Hysteresis Dynamometers have both continuous and intermittent power ratings where the dynamometer is capable of dissipating more power for shorter periods of time. All Hysteresis Dynamometers have accuracy ratings of ±0.25% to ±0.5% full scale, depending on size and system configuration. Also available are special designs for high-speed motor testing. Being Used for all kinds of AC/DC motor performance test (such as torque, speed , power and so on) ......

Blower –cooled Dynamometers
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1. 5 Standard Models with Maximum Torque from 30kg/cm to 280kg/cm
2.Hysteresis Braking System: Provides precise torque loading independent of shaft speed 
3. Motor Testing from No Load to Locked Rotor 
4.Accuracy: ±0.25% to ± 0.5% (Full Scale), adopting high  precision torque and speed sensor 
5.Air Flow Sensor: For protection against overheating and operator error
6.Base Plate: Available in long or short versions 
7. Custom Dynamometers: for special torque and speed requirements 
8.Easy Calibration
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