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Win-Win Cooperation
Inspire and promote innovation culture,
integrateinnovative thinking into the
continuous improvement for product,
process, technology and management  

Based on cooperation and driven
by theinterests and goal of ZL team,
and achieve a win-win situation
through efficient communication and
cooperation withemployees, customers
and suppliers.
Every ZL member has the responsibility to
makeour company better. And we take
the customer fucosesas top priority,
continuously improve our capability to have
world leading technology in providing
motor testing solutions. 
Enhancing the sense of execution,
definingclear goals, having awareness
and a positive attitudein order to
implement the strategic plan effectively
and efficiently.
We strive to achieve co-development
throughmutual recognition between
company and employee and
to win the trust from the public.
Advocating and promoting appreciation
culture,motivating peoples to be more
creative and have strong senseof responsibility
through proper appreciation process.